A high quality, protective roof membrane

SUNSTYLE solar tiles are currently manufactured in Europe according to the quality criteria standard EN 61215 and the requirements of the Protection Class II (proof of the solar tile’s strength and resistance to cold, heat, moisture, hail, wind and snow). They consist of 6 mm tempered solar glass and are characterized by the following criteria:

  • Robust and accessible
  • Weatherproof roof membrane with a water-tightness of up to 750 pascal in driving rain
  • Resistant to extreme wind and hail
  • Safe even during earthquakes

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Energy Independence

Highly transparent solar glass with a thickness of 6 mm is used to produce the solar tiles of the SUNSTYLE® solar roof, which serves as an almost unbreakable protective layer of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells. The solar cells are embedded in a flexible yet robust layer of polyvinyl acetate (PVAc). The back of the solar tiles are coated with a resistant synthetic material (e.g. Tedlar), which protects the solar cells from mechanical effects and moisture, and the tile edges are sealed to keep moisture out. The solar tiles are produced with qualified and certified manufacturers. All these factors combined with the many years of expertise make SUNSTYLE® a long-lasting construction element.

Easy to Install

The solar tiles are screwed directly into the sub-roof structure using a fitted sub-construction made of wood or stainless steel. The size and weight of the solar tiles are designed in such a way that it takes only one roofer to lay them. The electrical connectors on the back of the solar tiles ensure foolproof and safe cabling, which can be done at the same time as installation of the roof.

Designed by Nature

The solar tiles do not have any frames: this is not only for aesthetic reasons; it also allows the roof to be cleaned naturally by rain. In addition to the basic tiles, tiles without solar cells for roof areas that are not exposed to the sun and transparent glass tiles that bring natural light into the building are also available. Corner and side tiles, which result in the ideal roof finish and also produce electricity, complete the product range.

Any Size Roof

The system can be adapted perfectly to special roof shapes using dummy tiles, which can be cut to size on site. We collaborate with a variety of partners to help deliver a complete installation along with inverters and possible storage solutions. The system can be adapted to generate hot water as well. The solar roof is largely maintenance-free. However, should there be any concerns, we would be pleased to assist.