Energy independence is our goal.

With SUNSTYLE, you can have clean, sustainable energy that enables you to achieve energy independence. A fully integrated solar roof performs better than a rooftop system because the conventional roof is eliminated. Considerably less energy is required to manufacture the solar roof than it generates: after only three to four years, the solar roof will have paid for itself.

In addition, we produce only the number of tiles needed for the current installation, allowing us to continuously increase the efficiency of the solar tiles with technological advances. Old elements can be replaced and are compatible with new ones, which means we can guarantee the highest availability in the future.

Using renewable energy sources reduces the need for fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources, such as coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear power.

Fossil fuel combustion releases large amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is responsible largely for global warming. Electricity generated by nuclear power plants is also controversial since the operators face safety and security risks, as well as serious problems related to radioactive waste disposal. Improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings plays a major role in the reduction of greenhouse gases, and influences nearly every construction project. The use of roof surfaces to generate energy is an absolute necessity. At the same time, the aesthetic of our roofscape is of great concern to us – solar energy production should not conflict with the preservation of historical roofscapes and townscapes. With SUNSTYLE, we offer a way to bring these two aspects into harmony.

The SUNSTYLE® solar roof connects the two objectives in a harmonious manner: first, as a high quality construction element, it offers sustainable weather protection; and, second, it enables efficient electricity production over the entire roof surface.