The SunStyle Difference

An Integrated System


The SUNSTYLE Solar Roof is different from other solar roof products. As an integrated system, SUNSTYLE blends seamlessly into the roofscape, making it ideal for new buildings and energy-efficient renovations.


Inspired by the ingenious structure of the fish, the scale-like arrangement of the solar tiles ensures the natural flow of water. It is designed to be inherently waterproof and withstand different environmental conditions. Because SUNSTYLE does not need a frame it sheds water easily and stays clean. SUNSTYLE is and elegant integrated solution suitable for a variety of climates.


The SUNSTYLE system not only works better, it looks better. The unique SUNSTYLE solar roof sets new standards. The diamond shaped solar tiles along with pre-fabricated system components are installed directly onto a pre-designed rail in a diagonal shaped pattern, replacing conventional roof tiles. The solar roof tiles provide all the regular functions of traditional roofing system in terms of strength, durability and weather resistance – with the advantage of having the capability to be a valuable power plant with the production of clean and renewable energy (electricity)  production.

Long-lasting for Residential and Commercial Use

SUNSTYLE is equally suitable for large-scale industrial buildings as for residential buildings, and can be integrated with different roof shapes. Transparent roof tiles that bring light into the building, together with end tiles, complete the system.

SUNSTYLE solar roof tiles have been developed as an energy-producing and long-lasting construction element. The crystalline solar cells integrated into the tiles are embedded in a flexible and stabilizing polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) layer. They are protected on the front by six millimeters of hardened solar glass and on the back by a layer of resistant synthetic material (Tedlar). It can also be produced as a glass/glass module. No aluminum frame also helps shed water and does not trap dirt which helps keep the tile clean and raises efficiency. This makes SUNSTYLE a very durable, productive and efficient construction product.

SUNSTYLE solar roof tiles are manufactured according to the quality criteria of the standard and the requirements of Protection Class II (proof of the solar roof tile’s strength and resistance to cold, heat, moisture, hail, wind and snow). SUNSTYLE is a UL certified product.

  • Solar tiles replace conventional tiles
  • Can be used from a roof pitch of three degrees (if necessary with a sub-roof) Output per square meter: 155 watts peak
  • Performance guarantee: 25 years.